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Famous Composers Tell the Story of Their Lives In Music

Biographies of our famous composers are told in first-person as if they returned from the afterlife to tell us their life stories.


We write the biographies using credible, multiple sources so that they may be as accurate as possible. Note: When we quote the composer's exact words (in the guise of the composer speaking), we use quotation marks around those particular words.


We hope you will find this first-person format may give you a fresh perspective, and a warmer connection to your favorite composers.


Richard J. Chandler, MA, Composer & Editor for LeadingMusicians.com

Frank Zappa Quotations

Frank Zappa Frank Vincent Zappa, wanted to be known, first and foremost, as an American composer, for which he excelled in both pop and classical music mediums, producing over 60 albums by his band, ‘The Mothers of Invention’. He was also a vocalist, guitarist, conductor, film director, bandleader and a stellar example of entrepreneurial success. The musical …

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Claude Debussy

Claude Debussy is perhaps the most influential French composer in western music. His influence was prominently felt for composers who were contemporaries and in the decades to follow. Debussy’s music continues to be influential in our time for 21st century composers. Musicians and audiences alike are swept away by the beauty, color and brilliance of …

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Classical Music Hungarian Composer_Bartók_Béla_1927_Sitting

Bela Bartok, Composer

Bela Bartok: Composer, Pianist, Musicologist & Piano Teacher This biography of Bela Bartok is told in the first person as if Bartok returned from the afterlife to tell us the story of his life. Along with the help of the British writer, Aly Locatelli, I wrote this biography using multiple sources so it may be …

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