Music Mastery

Articles for Beginners to Professional Musicians for Developing Music Mastery

What is music mastery? All leading musicians have a high degree of musicality. Keenly developed musicianship permeates everything you do in music.


Whether as a conductor, performing musician, music teacher or composer, continually developing your musicianship and musicality will be rewarding to you personally and professionally. With study, practice, and performance, you are on the road to musical mastery.


Posts here provide you with specific, helpful information to enable you to grow as a musician. Articles are for musicians beginning their musical journey well on their way as a junior high or high school singer or instrumentalist. Over time, you will find more pieces geared toward musicians who are seriously pursuing artistic excellence as a college musician, semi-pro, or as a professional musician.

Group of 5 members playing various instruments in a band

Is It Hard to Make a Living as a Musician?

Is It Hard to Make a Living as a Musician?  From playing the bagpipes on the street to being a lead vocalist in an orchestra to a pop singer known on the radio, the variation in the amount of money made can vary tremendously.  Earning a living as a musician takes a lot of time, […]
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Close up shot of a persons hands playing piano

Does Age Affect the Difficulty of Learning Piano?

Does Age Affect the Difficulty of Learning Piano? There are many preconceived ideas that it is much more difficult to learn piano at an older age, meaning any age above 12. Kids learn languages much quicker than adults so why not musical instruments? While the brain may have more plasticity at a younger age allowing […]
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Photo of musical instruments

Choosing a Musical Instrument to Learn

Choosing a Musical Instrument to Learn Selecting the right musical instrument for you can be a daunting task with the numerous options available and elements to consider. Woodwinds, strings, brass, percussion, keyboard, and plucked instruments each have their own pros and cons. There are unique considerations for each instrument family that can range from size, […]
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A boys choir and one woman singing

Can You Learn Singing At Any Age?

Can You Learn Singing At Any Age? Learning how to control your voice for singing requires using correct breathing, pitch, rhythm, and range. It can take years to hone your vocal skills. However singing doesn’t discriminate.  You can learn singing at any age. It doesn’t matter how old you are. Basically the only difference of […]
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man writing music with a keyboard, laptop, and headphones on a desk

Can I Learn Music Theory On My Own?

Can I Learn Music Theory On My Own? Music theory is the overall language in western music that explains the hows and whys behind why music sounds a certain way. It connects harmony, melody, and rhythm and explains the relation. You can learn music theory on your own. However, it is more difficult than with […]
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Man playing guitar in a studio

Learn an Instrument Without a Teacher

How to Learn an Instrument Without a Teacher (& Do It Well!) Have you been considering learning an instrument but don’t have the money to spend on a teacher right now, want to be frugal, or just prefer learning on your own? Learning without a teacher is a great way to start. There are plenty […]
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Young boy playing guitar with young man playing piano

Is It Easier to Learn A Second Instrument?

Is It Easier to Learn A Second Instrument? As a musician, having the ability to play a second instrument opens up opportunities in the music world. Ensembles love players who can double, triple, or even quadruple on instruments.  If you are considering learning a second instrument, do it.   Assuming you have already learned your first […]
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close up shot of a person playing the ukulele

How Long Does It Take to Master an Instrument?

How Long Does It Take to Master An Instrument? Authored by Marci Ricklick & Richard J. Chandler, BA, MA We define music mastery as possessing expert skills on their musical instrument. Musicians who play at a professional or semi-professional quality level will qualify as master-level musicians.   Although there is no precise agreed-upon time frame, music […]
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Hands Playing a Grand Piano

Is Learning the Piano Worth it?

Authored by Marci Ricklick & Richard J. Chandler, BA, MA Bartolomeo Cristofori (1655-1731) of Italy invented the piano over three centuries ago to improve upon the clavichord and the harpsichord. Pianos are used for informal musical gatherings, recitals, and concerts, accompany singers and instrumentalists, and for educational purposes.  The piano’s many uses, coupled with the […]
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Performing Classical Musician's Violin and Bow, with sheet music, on a Piano

Piano Vs. Violin: Which is Harder to Learn?

Choosing Violin Vs. Piano Based on Learning Difficulty Authored by Marci Ricklick and Richard J. Chandler, BA, MA Deciding between learning the violin or piano is a big decision. This article can help you make a better decision, saving you time and energy by choosing the best instrument for you or your child from the […]
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