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Privacy Policy of LeadingMusicians.com

Conductor & Orchestra Players

Who We Are:

Our website address is https://stcloudcounselingtherapy.com. Composer and performing musician Richard J. Chandler, BA, MA owns this site. It is the website. The office address is 1204 7th St S, St Cloud, MN.

What Personal Data We Collect

This website does not collect data from you.


We use no cookies on this website. We have no interest in doing so.

Contact Forms

We have no contact forms. You may contact Richard Chandler by emailing at [email protected], texting or calling at 320-282-8029.

Emailing, Texting, Calling or Video Conferencing Leading Musicians

When you email, you are emailing to a Gmail account, [email protected]. Gmail is a Google.com service and is the largest email provider worldwide. Here is the link to Google’s website on the page where they explain their privacy policy

Richard Chandler’s telephone provider is T-Mobile. T-Mobile does retain a record of phone calls and texts, including the phone numbers used. Here is a link to T-Mobile’s website’s privacy policy. The operating system for this cellphone is android, which is a product of Google.

Your contact information and everything you write via email or text, or anything that you say on the telephone is confidential and will not be shared by Richard Chandler with anyone other than Grant Chandler of Briarwood Consulting Services, as he is both my son and the website administrator.

Richard Chandler will use your email address or phone number for the following purposes only:

  • To answer your questions regarding use of our services
  • To correspond with you

Payment by Credit Card

We collect no credit card data other than your receipt of payment. All confidential data, including credit card number, expiration dates, PINs, and the CVC Card Verification Code 3-digit number on the back of the card, are retained by our credit card service providers. We can generate an invoice with Paypal now and anticipate using Stripe in the future

Currently Richard Chandler, will not:

  • Place you on a mailing list
  • Contact you with offers of any kind
  • Share your information with anyone

Emedded Video Content on YouTube.com

Pages on this website may include embedded content as YouTube.com videos that were produced by other people. Other than simply watching the videos, If you interact with those videos, such as by commenting on them or clicking links, the owner of that YouTube channel may collect data from you that you provide to them. 

If you interact with YouTube.com videos on Richard Chandler’s channel, LeadingMusicians, no data is collected even if you do comment. We will endeavor to respond to your comment but will do nothing with your information whatsoever. See Google’s privacy policy above to understand privacy regarding YouTube videos.

Bass Trombone

 Note: We may update this privacy policy from time-to-time. The most recent update will be on this website.