Create Your Profile Listing

How to Create Your Profile Listing for

Other than having your own website, there are few better ways to increase your online exposure as a musician than to list yourself on music directories. For now, we are providing musicians with the opportunity to create a comprehensive listing at no cost.

Even if we decide to charge for listings in the future, those who build their listing in 2023 will continue to have a free listing. Please create this in a Google Doc. An MS Word Doc will also work.

Write Your Profile Listing in "First-Person" in this Order:

  1. Start with an introductory sentence at the top of your bio that explains any initials behind your name
  2. Add a second sentence that summarizes your main activities
    Write about your musical activities by order of importance – either based on income potential or based on your artistic goals
  3. Your first section explains your most prominent musical activity – perhaps performing
  4. List and write about your second most important activity – perhaps teaching
    Add and overview your third most important activity – perhaps composing or arranging
  5. Next, add your section outlining your musical education – from your early years through your formal education. Don’t forget any additional training that you received after your formal music education
  6. Finally, complete your bio with personal notes, where you tell a little about your own life, in addition to your life in music, which can include hobbies, significant relationships, and fun facts
  7. Insert photos or other images where you want them to go in your profile listing
  8. Include a link to your own website if you have one or a social media destination link at the bottom of your profile listing
  9. Send the doc with images to me and I will have my associate turn it into a webpage on

The entire process for creating a good bio for your website, your listing, social media or for a concert program at this link. For additional help, or to publish your listing, email me, Richard Chandler at [email protected] and we will publish your listing.