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Grow Your Music Knowledge, Musicianship, Audience & Prosperity

Welcome to Leading Musicians this week of June 10, 2024. The focus of this website, our Leading Musicians' YouTube channel, and our online presence across the web, is to help increase your musical knowledge, musicianship, audience, and music income. Leading Musicians provides ever-expanding real-world resources to do so, including:

  1. A robust directory listing - currently at no cost - designed to show up on a Google search. It is like having a personal mini-website
  2. Focused articles to help you become a more knowledgable, and musical musician
  3. Blog-posts sharing how you can:
    • grow your audiences or teaching studio
    • generate profitable music projects
    • expand your income streams

Music Mastery through Knowledge & Musicianship

From those just beginning their journey to learn music to highly developed professional musicians, music knowledge is essential to learn an instrument or to sing.


What is music mastery? All leading musicians have a high degree of musicality. Keenly developed musicianship permeates everything you do in music. Whether as a conductor, performing musician, music teacher or composer, continually developing your musicianship and musicality will be rewarding to you personally and professionally. With study, practice, and performance, you are on the road to musical mastery.

Growing Your Audience

Growing your audience, as either a performing musician, an arranger-composer, or with an expanding teaching studio, is vital to your long-term success in music. The larger your fan base, the more you and what you bring to the world in music will become known — music mastery blog posts on developing your “true fans” are your key to prosperity.

Musician's Prosperity

Blog posts on how to grow your financial prosperity are a central focus for the Leading Musicians Website and YouTube Channel. Too many musicians are not able to devote the time they wish to music, simply because there is not much time left for music after working a full day in a non-music occupation.


Blog-posts here are focused on earning money from music. Prosperity for musicians is our way of providing real-world knowledge so you may build your music business to the point of having a financially secure musical career.