Famous Composers

Composer Jules Massenet

Jules Massenet, Composer

Prolific French composer Jules Massenet wrote operas, songs, oratorios, cantatas, ballets, orchestral works, and incidental music. His commercial success, judged as pandering to female singers and women-dominated audiences, beguiles his continuing musical admiration in our time. Jules Massenet’s Early Years I was born May 12, 1842, in Montaud, France, on the Loire. Although my parents […]

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Composer Jean-Baptiste Lully and other musicians

Jean-Baptiste Lully, Composer

Italian-born French composer Jean-Baptiste Lully served the French court as a composer, dancer, conductor, and performing musician. He composed operas, ballets, and sacred music lived a colorful bisexual lifestyle, and died a freak death due to a conducting accident. Jean-Baptiste Lully’s Early Life  I was born November 28, 1632, in Florence, Italy. My father was

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Composer of Christoph Willibald Gluck

Christoph Willibald Gluck, Composer

Christoph Gluck’s Childhood and Early Years I was born July 2, 1714, in Erasbach, Bavaria. The year of my birth was a politically strained one, with the Treaties of Rastatt and Baden being signed, thus ending the War of Spanish Succession. The financial well-being of the country – part of Germany in your time –

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Composer, Jean-Phillipe Rameau

Jean-Philippe Rameau, Composer

Jean-Philippe Rameau’s Early Years I was born on September 25, 1683, in Dijon, France. The seventh of eleven children, I was exposed to music at a young age, learning both keyboards and violin. Father was an organist who spent much of his career playing in several churches around our hometown. Family members persistently promoted learning

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Portrait painting of Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina

Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, Composer

Giovanni Palestrina’s Studies & Early Work I believe that I was born circa February 1525. It is impossible to confirm as the war between Emperor Charles V and Pope Clement VII destroyed my municipality of Palestrina along with many of its records. Documents recording the births and deaths of the previous decades were lost. After

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Composer Gabriel Fauré writing compositions

Gabriel Fauré, Composer, Organist, & Educator

Gabriel Fauré’s Early Years In Music I was born May 2nd, 1845, in Pamiers, Ariège, France. As the youngest son in a family of six boys and one girl, “I grew up a rather quiet, well-behaved child, in an area of great beauty.” None of my brothers displayed any interest or talent in music. Indeed,

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A photo of a young composer, Giacomo Puccini

Giacomo Puccini, Composer

Giacomo Puccini’s Early Years: Struggles with School & Musical Growth I was born in Lucca, Italy, on December 22, 1858, to a musically gifted family. My father, Michele Puccini, was well established in Lucca as part of a ‘musical dynasty’ founded by my great-great-grandfather, the first maestro di cappella at the Cattedrale do San Martino. 

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Statue of Cesar Franck at the Square Samuel-Rousseau, in Paris, France.

César Franck, Composer

César Franck Pushed To Perform on Piano from His Childhood Did I work myself to death? Perhaps so. Since my childhood, I used my talents as a pianist and composer to line my parents’ pockets, ensuring financial stability in financially hard times.  Like Beethoven, my father pushed my violinist brother to study music to generate

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