Composer Bartok and his wife

Bela Bartok Quotes

Bela Bartok was a Hungarian composer and pianist He is considered one of the most important composers of the 20th century. Bela Bartok and Franz Liszt are regarded as Hungary’s greatest composers.

“I cannot conceive of music that expresses absolutely nothing.”

“In art there are only fast or slow developments. Essentially it is a matter of evolution, not revolution.”

“Competitions are for horses, not artists.”

“With maturity comes the wish to economize – to be more simple. Maturity is the period when one finds the just measure.”

“Folk melodies are the embodiment of an artistic perfection of the highest order; in fact, they are models of the way in which a musical idea can be expressed with utmost perfection in terms of brevity of form and simplicity of means.”

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