Jacob Ter Veldhuis – JacobTV Quotes

Dutch composer, Jacob-TV

Jacob Ter Veldhuis – JacobTV Quotes

Jacob TV composes classical music that often goes against the grain of current trends in classical music and often incorporates forms of expression using “sampled” voices from a variety of sources in the compositions. The compositional material includes electronics, incorporating sound bytes from political speeches, commercials, interviews, talk shows, and evangelists—those materials evoke musical creation with voice and classical instruments.

I pepper my music with sugar!” 

“Frank Zappa… his music is about engagement. There’s humor in his music. He criticized the American society. That was also very inspiring.”

“I think music needs a ground… some kind of center where you can switch from one center to another but if you have no ground???”

“I was aware of aspects beyond music but music can say things that words can’t do. That’s the magic of music.”

The Chicago Tribune has said,

“JacobTV is one of the most thought-provoking provocateurs working in today’s new music. Also one of the most savagely entertaining. THE NEWS made me want to laugh and cry and get angry, sometimes at the same time. That’s quite an accomplishment for any work of contemporary art.”

Limor Tomer, a curator of the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York at the time, said:

“JacobTV is preoccupied with American media and world events and draws raw materials from those sources. His work possesses an explosive strength and raw energy combined with extraordinarily intricate architectural design.”

Het Parool is an Amsterdam-based daily newspaper, said:

“An alchemist who can turn lead into gold. One of the rare cross-fertilisations of modern composed music and rock. You have to hear it to believe it.”

 Musicologist Stefan Weiss wrote:

“Here it becomes clear how near to artists like Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons the composer JacobTV actually is. JacobTV’s boombox pieces, in which mass-culture is both admired and put into perspective, are like a late forms of musical pop-art.” 

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To read the full bio of composer JacobTV, click this link.

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