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Bonnett and I are big fans of the renowned double bassist and composer and 3-time Grammy Award winner, Edgar Meyer. We own 3 of his CD’s and a DVD showcasing the tour he did with the virtuoso banjo player, Bela Fleck. We heard him a few years ago at the conclusion of the tour with Bela Fleck. Edgar also performed on piano, and together with Bela, played Bach, bluegrass music, and a number of works by Edgar Meyer.

What strikes me about his playing is the extraordinary range of sounds…  dynamically, the lows to extreme highs, the exquisite variety of color within his nuanced quality of tone.

Here are two links. The first is a short youtube.com video about Edgar’s work with JS Bach’s Music on double bass.

The second is on his website. The treat of the website is the ongoing music track sampling a huge variety of his music. His bio, other information, and especially his tour schedule are well worth checking out on an ongoing basis so you too may have the thrill of hearing him in live performance. Here is the link to www.edgarmeyer.com

Image: Musician Edgar Meyer

“Most of the music I’ve become interested in is hybrid in its origins…Classical music, of course, is unbelievably hybrid. Jazz is an obvious amalgam.  Bluegrass comes from eighteenth-century Scottish and Irish folk music that made contact with the blues. By exploring music, you’re exploring everything.”

“I like writing for individuals with really rich musical personalities.”

“When I was younger, I had a much better connection between words and music. Somewhere along the way, I had kind of an aspiration to disconnect them, to just kind of go into a totally musical world.”

“I try to just be the person I am, with a lot of sensitivity to the genre in which I’m playing.”

“From the first moment that I can remember, I had identified myself as a bass player and it had everything to do with my father, who was a bass player. And he loved music, you know, as much as anybody I’ve ever seen. And that dynamic I just thought as somehow was a straight pass to me.”

– Edgar Meyer

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